Food for Thought – September – Surviving and Thriving – #2

Food for Thought – September – Surviving and Thriving – #2

What tools & techniques can we share to help each other survive & thrive during this time?

Please read and reflect on the following: (Please post your thoughts to our website – as well as write in your journal)

Each of us has been a pilgrim on an unexpected journey, now that we are six months into this journey:

·         What have you found to be most essential as you move through these days? What do you wish you had more of?  What do you need less of?

·         Have you taken up new activities that are helping you thrive during this time?  If so, what are they and would you be willing to share those activities with others?  Teach those activities to others?

·         Read the following article “ Eluna Resources – Thriving during Covid-19”

·         In your journal, create a journey map of the past six months – be as creative as you want to be – use color pens, crayons, paint, collage or any other art supplies that you have around:

o   Show what the earliest days of the pandemic felt like and the activities you were pursuing

o   Show how things changed as the weeks became months, show how the seasons changed, and did it make a difference when we could go outside and move about a little bit more?

o   What did it feel like to not go to Church but watch mass on TV?

o   If you are working, did your work life change? Did your home life change?  Show how those activities contracted or expanded – and how you made adjustments

o   Concentrate on the changes as you document each month

After you create your journey map – identify the things that are now most helpful to you.  Is there something in your creative map that you can share with the group that might help someone else?  Please share on the website – so we can start to get ready for our discussion at the end of the month!!

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